Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Are humans intelligent beings?

The measure of intelligence has been invented by humans therefore can be very subjective. We woke up one morning and saw a bird trying to pass through a closed window hitting it over and over again, and that was the moment we’ve said, “I’m more intelligent than that thing”.
The difference between us and the chimpanzees represents only 1% DNA. Do we have any relationship with them? No. But we do want to find out if there are other intelligent species in the universe.
Now if we have only 1% DNA difference than a chimpanzee, what will a being with 1% DNA difference than us think about the human race?
We want to meet other intelligent species in the universe and we want them to talk to us, but when was the last time you stopped and talked to a chimpanzee, and waited a response in return from it?